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ūüĎč Hello there, I'm Georgi and sewing is my happy place!

Yay Stitch is a Sydney independent fabric store specialising in natural and sustainably sourced fibers, such as linen, cotton, tencel, wool, ecovero as well as high quality viscose. We stock a large selection of Merchant and Mills fabrics as well as Mind the MAKER, Meet MILK, See you at Six and Atelier Brunette to name a few.

Read below if you want to hear more about how I fell in love with sewing and fabrics! 


I first learnt to sew when I was about 10 years old on my mum's gorgeous old treadle Singer sewing machine.

My mum still uses this machine to sew today! I don't remember what clothes I sewed but I remember making a few quilts with the help of my friend's mum.

When I went to university in Sydney I remember picking sewing back up again and making a number of dresses. I got really into it and bought my own Singer (although not a treadle one!).

About a decade later,¬†when I moved to NYC I gave my Singer to a friend and that was the last I sewed for a few years until I became pregnant with my first baby and decided to do¬†a workshop at Brooklyn Craft Company to learn to sew a baby quilt. Besides this one quilt, i didn't sew much else for the next few years. NYC living doesn't lend itself well to hobbies which take up any amount of room¬†ūüėÖ.

After 6 intense and wonderful years living in Brooklyn, NY, my family and I decided we needed a sea change and moved to Seattle. Not long after the move I felt a real sense of longing for my life and friends back in NYC. It's not easy moving cities and reestablishing yourself again and I found this move to be particularly tough so I decided to throw myself into a new hobby - sewing! 

I was amazed at how much had changed since I sewed up that dress in Bondi many years before - indie patterns were a thing now and I loved it! Gone were intimidating instructions from the big 4 patterns that I had remembered and instead were loads of patterns for wardrobe staples.

My first foray into this new world of indie patterns and instagram hashtags was the Wiksten Shift top which I made in a beautiful washed black linen. I was hooked. Not only was sewing each garment a sense of achievement, the process of sewing was like therapy for me. It got me off my computer and doing something manual and creative.

Wiksten Shift Top

From there my love of fabrics and sewing snowballed. I started learning about this concept of slow fashion.... a way to deliberately and lovingly hone a craft to create a handmade wardrobe. In particular I was drawn to natural fibre fabrics (linen!) as I like that they had less of an environmental impact on the world. From there I explored Tencel and EcoVero which I think are incredible leap of science to help reduce water and harmful chemical usage to create fibers that are biodegradable.

From this love and interest in dressmaking fabrics, Yay Stitch was born! 

My aim is for Yay Stitch to offer a curated selection of beautiful, fine fabrics, indie sewing patterns and haberdashery both locally and from around the globe. From wardrobe staples to special nights out, our fabrics are ready to be made into modern stylish garments that are loved and cherished.

I love to keep on top of current sewing community trends to ensure we stock fabulous fabrics and patterns that will keep you sewing well into the night. 

Sewing has given me so much and I've met so many wonderful women through it, I hope you enjoy our selection of fine fabrics.

- Georgi

Georgi of Yay Stitch Sydney

Here I am in my Florence top (again!) in Neon Fizz Linen/Cotton by Merchant & Mills enjoying a margarita in Paddington, Sydney on a rare date night.


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