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Sew Liberated Estuary Skirt Pattern Review

Estuary Skirt Pattern Review

Can I just start by saying what an awesome name Sew Liberated is! And I love their logo too, I see it and think, YES I CAN SEW ANYTHING.

Sew Liberated

But I digress. I picked up this delightful pattern a while back as I loved the look of those buttons all the way down the front of it. I'm not typically a skirt girl but this one really drew me in. 
me wearing Estuary Skirt

The skirt was a fairly easy sew. I got a little confused at some parts of the instructions so hopped over to the sew along and was able to figure things out. 

My sewing machine was just NOT cooperating on the button holes. I have no idea why, so I ended up just ditching the buttons holes and going with the faux-front placket to save tears.

I made sure to test out the elasticized waist length by putting my heavy iPhone in my pocket first to make sure the skirt would stay up on my waist with the weight - this tick seemed to work well as it's a good fit.

The buttons I chose really make the skirt pop. I love Buttons by ETO, they are so cheeky and fun. Yay Stitch will be a Buttons by ETO stockiest once I get things up and running, so stay tuned for that.

Stitch Summary  

  Estuary Skirty by Sew Liberated, View B in-seam pockets
  Jennifer Bouron Millennial Summer on Linen Cotton
  Buttons by ETO
Size Cut:
  Took 3 inches off the hem, cause i'm short y'all

Would I make it again?
Yes, I'd like to make another version this time attempting the buttonholes again and would make it even shorter, I think one above the knees would be great. 

I'd also like to make one that is more fancy, something for a date night perhaps. I'm thinking some beautiful rayon challis perhaps?

Uh-oh moments
Double check waist width BEFORE sewing the stitching along the elastic waistband - this was a total pain to unpick....

Stitching Skill Up
This pattern will help you practice the following skills:

- buttonholes & buttons
- inserting an elastic waistband
- in seam pockets (View B)

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